The Grissini Project is a group of 4 classically trained musicians also specialised in the music of video games, animes and movies. Founded in 2010 by Romain Vaudé, pianist and organist of the ensemble, his original idea was to combine his formation in classical music with his passion for video games, movies, and animes.
The project first started as a YouTube channel. After a few videos of arrangements for solo piano or organ, the one-man band grew as the years went by through meetings and opportunities within the conservatoire: first Bastien Vidal, violinist, then Lilou, singer, and finally Marwane Champ, cellist, who joined the ensemble in 2016. Over time, the quality and the production value of the video improved a lot, with several of them becoming viral and getting millions of views. After a few years, the ensemble eventually had its first live performance opportunity, and now regularly gives concerts throughout Europe and beyond, in France, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, etc…
All four musicians are trained in classical music in some of Europe’s highest best conservatoires and music schools.They are long time friends and also passionate gamers, found of mangas, anime, and cinema. By bringing together their experience in both classical and in videogame, anime, and film music, they hope to broaden the concert music repertoire and create bounds between different audiences. They work hard to propose fresh and appealing homemade arrangements, faithfull to the original music, with the established goals of bringing new people to classical concert halls, but also offering classical music aficionados the opportunity to discover a wide and rich new repertoire.
Thanks to a long-acquired mastery of their respective instruments, they proudly present an unforgettable musical journey through some of the most iconic tunes of this repertoire, melodies that will call to the emotional memories of gamers, otakus, film lovers or music passionates. 



As a musician, Lilou was raised in a rich musical environment and quickly showed her desire to sing.
She began choral singing at the Conservatory of Saint-Priest before becoming a master of opera in Lyon. She continued to study singing with Claire Marbot, Bruno Boterf, Anne Delafosse, Monique Zanetti and Robert Expert. She now specializes in baroque singing at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Lyon.
She is currently finishing her master’s degree, and has been singing solo in many ensembles such as Libera me, Kapsber ‘girls, Grissini Project, Darshan duo and Soave Concerto. She is constantly searching for musical fullness and sharing the pleasure she takes to sing.
Lilou is also curious about all the different styles and approaches of music, exploring a vast academic and popular repertoire, from medieval music to contemporary pop.

Romain Vaudé
Pianist/Organist, Arranger and Inverter

It was only at the age of 16 that Romain discovered his vocation for music after listening to a Chopin prelude in the trailer of the video game Halo 3. He began studying the instrument in a school. before joining the Conservatoire de Valence in the class of Michel Robert the following year. He created the Grissini Project in a small hall of the conservatory, first of all in a very amateur way by filming himself and publishing on Youtube his piano arrangements for video games, anime and movies.
He continued his studies at the Conservatoire de Lyon where he joined Hervé Billaut’s piano class. The following year, he discovered the organ and began a course of learning this instrument in the same conservatory in the class of Yves Lafargue.
It is also during his years of study in this conservatory that he meets the other members who make up today the Grissini Project.
In June 2016, he graduated with a Diploma in Music Studies. He then left France for Malmö and Sweden where he was awarded a piano bachelor’s degree at the Hans Palsson High School of Music. He is studying there today in the second year.
In March 2015, he won the second prize at the national piano competition in Mayenne and in February 2017 he is the winner of the Scandinavian final of the Yamaha Music Foundation competition in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Passionate about classical music and the music of video games, anime and films, Romain hopes to continue to perfect his musical knowledge. He wants to put them at the service of the repertoire of music to the image via the Grissini Project, proposing at the same time a meeting between the requirement of classical music and the passion that arouses the repertoire of music to the image.

Bastien Vidal

Bastien started violin in 1999, at the age of 3, at the Suzuki Musical Institute in Lyon, with Christophe Bossuat and Claire Duret. In September 2007, his family moved to London, he entered the Junior Guildhall School of Music and Drama in the class of Marius Bedeschi where in 2010 he obtained his grade 8 with Distinction. In January 2011, when he returned from the family to France, he entered the 3rd cycle at the Conservatoire de Lyon (CRR) in the class of Claire Bernard, then in 3rd cycle specialized in the class of Catherine Arnoux where he obtained his Diploma of Studies Musical with mention Très Bien in June 2014.
Bastien has been active in chamber music since 2007 (mainly sonata, piano trio, string quartet) at the Junior Guildhall, then at CRR Lyon (Catherine Diette, Francis Duroy and Yannick Callier classes) where he obtained his diploma Musical studies of chamber music in 2016. In a very different repertoire, he joined the Grissini Project in 2013.
He has been a member of the Barbican Young Orchestra under the direction of Sir Colin Davis from 2008 to 2010, the Junior Guildhall Symphony Orchestra, the Young Symphony Orchestra of CRR Lyon (violin solo in 2012), the Youth Orchestra of the academy of the Orchester National de Lyon (violin solo in 2013), the Lyon Symphony Orchestra and the French Youth Orchestra in 2014, 2015 and 2016.
He is currently studying violin in the 2nd year of Bachelor’s degree at the Haute Ecole de Musique in Lausanne, Switzerland in the class of Virginie Robillard. In parallel with his musical studies, Bastien obtained in June 2016 his degree in Mathematics at the University Claude Bernard, Lyon 1.

Marwane Champ

Marwane started cello at the age of 4 at Suzuki School in Lyon. She then joined the Conservatoire de Lyon (CRR) where she studied with Patrick Gabard and Fabrice Bihan.
After obtaining her Diploma of Musical Studies, she was admitted in September 2016 to the National Conservatory of Music of Lyon in the class of Anne Gastinel where she is studying today in second year of License.
In love with early music, she is currently doing a Diploma of Musical Studies in baroque cello at the CRR Lyon in the class of Hager Hanana.
Equally passionate about ensemble music, she takes part in the sessions of the French Youth Orchestra under the direction of conductors such as David Zinman, Dennis Russell Davies and Fabien Gabel, and trains different chamber music groups.
In 2016, she is eager for musical discoveries and joins the Grissini Project as a cellist.