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Who are we?

The Grissini Project is a group of 4 classically trained musicians also specialised in the music of video games, animes and movies.

Founded in 2010 by Romain Vaudé, pianist and organist of the ensemble, his original idea was to combine his formation in classical music with his passion for video games, movies, and animes.

The project first started as a YouTube channel. After a few videos of arrangements for solo piano or organ, the one-man band grew as the years went by through meetings and opportunities within the conservatoire: first Bastien Vidal, violinist, then Lilou, singer, and finally Marwane Champ, cellist, who joined the ensemble in 2016.

Over time, the quality and the production value of the video improved a lot, with several of them becoming viral and getting millions of views.

After a few years, the ensemble eventually had its first live performance opportunity, and now regularly gives concerts throughout Europe and beyond, in France, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, etc...

All four musicians are trained in classical music in some of Europe's highest best conservatoires and music schools.They are long time friends and also passionate gamers, found of mangas, anime, and cinema. By bringing together their experience in both classical and in videogame, anime, and film music, they hope to broaden the concert music repertoire and create bounds between different audiences. They work hard to propose fresh and appealing homemade arrangements, faithfull to the original music, with the established goals of bringing new people to classical concert halls, but also offering classical music aficionados the opportunity to discover a wide and rich new repertoire.

Thanks to a long-acquired mastery of their respective instruments, they proudly present an unforgettable musical journey through some of the most iconic tunes of this repertoire, melodies that will call to the emotional memories of gamers, otakus, film lovers or music passionates.

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